Saturday, January 14, 2017

No dogs allowed

When our kitchen improvement project moved to the tile phase, it became "no dogs allowed" for a few days. Actually for a couple days it was pretty much off limits to everyone, dogs and humans alike. I brought the microwave upstairs to the bathroom and set it up along with Clay's Keurig coffee maker. We pretty much lived out of there for a couple days. It's all finished now, though, and I'm very happy with the results.
The reason Maya isn't in these pics is because she's on the
same side of the gate that I am. She just hops over the gate,
disregarding the "no dogs allowed" rule.

I'd still prefer the dogs not walk on it, but I'm getting over that. After all, the reason for the tile was to have a floor that would stand up to the dogs and be easy to clean.

It is taking a while to get everything back in order, mostly because everything needs to be cleaned before moving and I'm thinning out a lot of stuff we just don't need. Cool, wet days are good for that sort of thing, but it does get old, both for me and the dogs.


The beams were salvaged from an old tobacco
warehouse in Danville, VA.
Gigi, Theo, Samantha (in rear), Trooper, and then Vince.

The shelves above the windows will hold pewter mugs and
plates. The brackets may hold curtains some day.

Just one dog bed in here, and I'm not putting any crates in the kitchen.


Anonymous said...

Love your floors!! the entire project turned out well.

Anonymous said...

Your kitchen remodel is beautiful! Every little detail- it all looks great! And I must say, that I'm not surprised Maya jumped the baby gate- Maya gets, what Maya wants:-)

Anonymous said...

It looks great.