Saturday, August 12, 2017

A heritage of hate

Hundreds of Trump supporters emerged from their mamas' basements with outdoor party supplies and converged on Charlottesville to whine about their perceived loss of privileges. This is what happens when you are 30-50 years old and can't get laid because you are fat, lazy, and ignorant white trash. You look around for someone to blame it on instead of taking personal responsibility for your own sad life.

Jason Kessler is the local idiot who disorganized this disaster. He's a 30-something ne'er-do-well UVA grad who is jealous of Richard Spencer's looks and greater notoriety. Richard Spencer is a UVA grad but no longer local. He's a mama's boy who is jealous of Steve Bannon's income and even greater notoriety, as well as his much vaunted ability to suck his own cock. They brought together a few hundred white males representing every imaginable hate group in the country. Most of them were straight up, self-avowed nazis. They all praised Hitler and Trump, not necessarily in that order.

The ostensible purpose of the gathering was to protest the removal of a statue in a city where none of them lived, with the possible exception of Kessler and few local friends.

First off, that fucking statue isn't history. The history of the civil war is in the battlefields, graveyards, and plantation homes that are all too plentiful in the south. If you want real history, visit a museum, visit a civil war battlefield, visit the many civil war sites in Richmond and all over this part of the country. Visit the nearby town of Appomattox where Robert E. Lee surrendered his army of traitors. I've seen many of these things and I value them all, but that statue isn't history, it's a monument to a lost cause and a bad cause at that. Taking it down isn't an attempt to erase history; far from it, it would show we learned something from history. I hear people saying we can't pick and choose which parts of history we like. No, we can't, but we can pick and choose which parts of history we want to venerate and celebrate. It's time that the south faced up to the fact that they lost the Civil War. They took up arms against their fellow countrymen rather than try to resolve disputes through the constitutionally established political process. It wasn't a noble enterprise, it was an act of treason and it was rightfully crushed.

But this "rally" was never really about the proposed removal of the Robert E. Lee statue. It was an excuse to unite all the hate groups in this country. They may have succeeded in that, as the crowd shouted anti-semitic, anti-black, anti-gay, and anti-immigrant slogans at various times. They believe that Donald Trump is their messiah and with Steve Bannon in the White House they have a solid basis for that belief.

I wish the city would take a bulldozer to the fucking statue tomorrow and divide up the crumpled remains between David Duke, Richard Spencer, Jason Kessler, and Donald Trump. This is their legacy, this is their heritage.


hammer1924 said...

Ah, love this. Quite disturbing the whole thing!

Risa said...

Brilliant, as usual. I love the signs too.
Stay Angry and Fight Back.