Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Recent arrivals

Sherman is an English Bulldog. He arrived at night and needed a place to rest, decompress, and chill for a few days so he could be evaluated. That's where we're at now. So far, so good. He's been in Sparky's old shed and kennel combo by himself since Saturday night. He's happy to see me when I bring food. So far he's been very easy to accommodate. He came in through Green Dogs Unleashed.

Shermahas the hat trick of tick borne diseases, testing positive for ehrlichiosis, Lyme, and anaplasmosis. But at least he tested negative for heartworms.

I hadn't put anyone with Sherman because he's unneutered, but he got a new roommate today.

Rex is a new shepherd with Promises Animal Rescue. He came from North Carolina where he managed to pick up heartworms. I'm going to get him into the vet and get the treatment underway as soon as possible. He's a nice boy, and he's already neutered. Apparently he was given up to a shelter because the owners couldn't afford the heartworm treatment. Of course, if they had kept him on the preventative, that would never have been an issue. The tips of his ears have been eaten by flies, so I'm guessing he wasn't well cared for at all. He's a nice dog and should be easy to place after the treatment is complete. He has a strong prey drive though, so no cats, chickens, or rabbits.

Rex and Sherman are a bit of an odd couple, but they seem to be getting along very well.

He looks worried here in this picture taken
when he first arrived, but he will be fine.
He ate dinner this evening without the
usual German Shepherd hunger strike.

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Anonymous said...

Where are all the Bulldogs coming from? I've seen more available for adoption in the last month than I have seen in all my years previously.