Sunday, September 4, 2016


Saturday was an unusually comfortable day around here, thanks to the storm off the coast that brought us clouds and wind but no rain.  I took advantage of it and took Maya out for a 7+ mile hike. That was followed by pasture time and mowing with Theo, Toquima, and Max.

The storm was past and summer was back on Sunday but I did another hike, just 4 miles this time, with Maya and Athena, followed by more mowing and pasture time with the same three boys.

Maya would walk with me to the ends of the
earth. Seven miles was nothing to her but I
made sure she had several water breaks and here
we stopped to sit on a bench, mostly for me.

It was Athena's first leash walk, I guess, but she did
pretty good. She saw horses for the first time and was
quite intrigued by them.

Athena was occasionally on top of
Maya or underneath my feet, but for
a first walk, it wasn't bad.

Theo the Great

Theo with ball in his mouth waiting
for me to throw another. That's
Toquima behind him, ready to run.
Toquima is with us until the end of this week. He's easier
to keep than most of our own dogs.

Toquima, Theo, and Max

Max has become more interested in the ball, but a stick
will still do. He just needs something in his mouth at all times.

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