Saturday, September 10, 2016

Maya and Me

Toquima went home on Friday bringing us down to a mere eight dogs. It's kind of nice, but seems very quiet. Our vacation is coming up in the less than a month so I'm not taking in any more fosters until we are back. I'm still looking for a housesitter for the four easiest dogs, Gigi, Vince, Samantha, and Maya. I am working on a couple leads still, but if anyone knows anyone who might be interested, let me know.

Max and Sparky are getting more indoor time, and Maya is getting more walks. We did over five miles today, but it was hot, humid, and windless, so we took it slow and did a lot of water crossings to rest and cool off. At one point the trail goes up a hill and overlooks the river. There's a bench there and we stopped to rest, hoping to catch a breeze, but there was none. We need to get out earlier tomorrow.

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