Thursday, September 22, 2016


Happy Autumnal Equinox.  The shorter days is the price we pay for cooler weather that I hope will be coming soon.  The christians seemed to have missed co-opting this holiday as one of their own, how did that happen?  Or maybe it's one of the many feast days that no one really cares about any more. The equinox marks the more important seasonal changes, in my opinion. Summer turning to fall is a big deal that I look forward to. Likewise, winter changing to spring at the vernal equinox is an important change. The change from fall to winter and then from spring to summer seems like less of a change, more just a matter of degree.

Fall is the prettiest time in Virginia so I do look forward to it. Here are some pics from my final summer walk with Maya and a couple from the first walk of autumn.
Maya checked him out but he's far too slow
for her to consider him to be a worthy
prey object.

Changing sumac, a sure sign of fall.  

We had about 1.5" of rain the other day and
it brought out a new crop of mushrooms.
This is an interesting one.
Summer's final rays on my palomino shepherd.

Our devotion is deep and completely mutual. 

A recent pic of former foster Jasso, with his feline friend.
Former foster Jess, now Brady, cooling off in his pond.

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