Saturday, September 3, 2016

Khaleesi follow up

Friday morning Khaleesi and I made an early trip to town for a quick follow up vet visit. They removed the bandage from her belly and it showed virtually no leakage from the incision. The vet looked at it and said it looked good.

You can't call her a backseat driver when her head is up
front, right? 
I had kept the cone on her, removing it only when I tried, unsuccessfully, to get her to eat. I took the cone off when we got to the vet's office and left it off on the drive home, during which she chewed it up. I still had Athena's cone at home, however, and have still been keeping it on her most of the time.

She took a little food when we got home from the vet visit; perhaps the excitement had stimulated her appetite. She continued to ignore canned food with pills hidden in it, so I gave up on that approach. I did get her to eat the antibiotics at least, but gave up on the Tramadol they had sent home for pain. That's a nasty tasting pill and her nose could spot it in anything.

By Friday evening she was acting much more normal again and she ate some dry food willingly, if not enthusiastically. She was hungry, but the nausea was still wearing off.

Saturday morning she was acting pretty bouncy again and ate like she wanted to, although still not as much as I wanted her to have. I got the antibiotics into her with peanut butter and at this point I'm not bothering with the Tramadol at all.

She's feeling better, and I'm glad. It means that she will be going to her new home soon and I'm glad about that as well. Athena should be moving out on Monday too.  I'll miss them both.

The setting sun peaks out under cloudy skies to light up the taller buildings in downtown
Richmond on Friday evening.

Moments later, the final rays of the day light up the clouds from below,
making them look like pink cotton candy.

I took in one of the final games of the Flying Squirrels' season in Richmond last night.
I couldn't care less about baseball, but I like to go once a year to drink overpriced beer and
eat junk food. When I've thought about it this year, it's been either too hot, I was too busy, or
the team was out of town. It all came together Friday evening though. The weather was perfect
and the sun and clouds made a nice light show. Don't ask me who won the game.

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