Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Toquima's visit

Toquima is a former foster who comes here occasionally when his family travels. He was here for an extended stay earlier in the summer, and he came back last Friday for a short visit. He will be going home Wednesday morning so I thought I'd better get some pictures of him while he was here.

I had him out for a run in the pasture along with Theo and Max a couple days ago while I was mowing. It was getting dark when I started mowing, so I didn't get a lot of pictures. Tuesday afternoon he accompanied Maya and me on our five mile hike. He likes to do more stopping, sniffing, and marking than I prefer, so we sort of compromised.

Theo (left) is obsessed with the tennis
ball so Toquima has given it a try.
He will run after it sometimes, but
he's not really into it.
Toquima is a really good dog. I've said many times that if I could clone him I could adopt him over and over to most any home with no problems. He's friendly with strange people and new dogs, his house manners are impeccable, no neuroses, no separation anxiety, no typical shepherd behavioral problems. He's a prince.
Toquima likes to stop, sniff, and mark on our walk.

He was happy when we stopped at Sparky's
watering hole. It was warm and humid this
afternoon and the cool water felt good.

I tried to get Maya to jump up there to pose with
him, but she wasn't interested and I was too hot
and tired to argue with her. 

They cut a lot of trees near the house at
Pleasant Grove but left nice tall stumps.
They make good pedestals for heroic
dog photos.

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