Monday, September 19, 2016

Rescuing a lousy day

Another picture of my former foster Khaleesi (right) and
another Green Dogs alum, Blossom (left). The two girls have
become very close, and obviously very happy and content.
Sometimes rescue work is the cause of a bad day, but today it saved a bad day from being much worse. That's the way it happens more often than not, because generally bad things are caused by people while dogs bring about mostly good things.

Monday was wet and rainy, work sucked, and I had a couple other problems to deal with, but three former fosters saved the day.

This is another picture of my former foster Athena (left) and
her new rottweiler friend on the right. He wasn't very welcoming
when she first arrived, but they became friends and playmates
within hours and now he seems to like her a lot.

This is former foster Tevya who just celebrated his 8 year
adoption anniversary, which they also celebrate as his birthday.
His family threw him a party yesterday. They cooked a steak
for him and he got lots of presents. 
Tevya has been very good with the child that
came along after him, and they are now expecting
a second child in January. There's nothing like
kids to keep a senior dog active.


Anonymous said...

These pictures just warm my heart!

Anonymous said...

You know what? I have been having a crappy morning and these pictures just made my heart smile. Thanks for sharing these.

Risa said...

Tevya? How did he come by that name? Is someone a fan of "Fiddler on the Roof"?