Thursday, September 1, 2016

Dane Spay Day #2

Today was Khaleesi's turn at the vet. It went all right and she's back home tonight, but there seemed to be fluid in her lungs when they pulled the trach tube after surgery. They xrayed to check for pneumonia and I've got a course of antibiotics for her just to make sure. We spay and neuter so many dogs that I rarely worry about it, but it's still surgery and it's not without risks, especially for the females. It should have been done when she was younger. I expect her asshole former owners had hopes and dreams of breeding her.

She was good throughout the process, however, and I was glad about that. She weighed in at 111 pounds. She's home but still quite groggy and hasn't yet been interested in any food. I'll try again before bedtime, however, as I want to get the antibiotics and pain meds started.

I brought in the big Dane crate that I have thanks to Diesel's adopter, who bought the crate but never needed it. Diesel prefers the couch. Khaleesi will need to be kept quiet for a few days so I think the crate may come in handy, although I can also just isolate her in the kitchen by closing the gate to keep the other dogs out.

They said her incision was oozing a bit when I went to pick her up today, so they put a bandage on her, that's the yellow wrap around her belly. I'll be taking her back in tomorrow morning for them to re-check the incision, and then hopefully we can dispense with the bandage. I took the cone off when I offered her some food, but put it back on because we don't want her messing with that tonight.

Kind of a rough day for her, but she should be feeling better again soon and then she has a whole new life ahead of her. Athena is acting like she didn't have surgery just two days ago. I hope Khalessi recovers just as fast.

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Anonymous said...

I hope that both those pretty girls recover quickly. I'm sure that you will find them wonderful new homes.