Wednesday, August 31, 2016

They also ran

Theo on the left and Athena on the right.
This was before Athena's spay surgery.
The other day I had Khaleesi out in the pasture with some other dogs. I took a lot of pictures but only posted pics of Khaleesi because the purpose of that blog post was to feature her and find her a home. But there were other dogs out there having fun and here's the proof.

Athena leading Khaleesi in a chase.

Toquima, doing his own thing.
Left to Right: Theo, Athena, Khaleesi
Theo the Great, a/k/a Khal Drogo

Khaleesi (bobbed tail) and Athena (full tail)

A rest in the shade: Toquima, Theo, and Athena

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