Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Dane spay day # 1

Today was Athena's day to be spayed. Clay took her to the vet in the morning and I picked her up just after noon. She was pretty groggy most of the day and slept on the big bed in the kitchen by herself. I think I'll let her spend the night there as well. She did eat a little later in the afternoon, got her pain pill down with some canned food, and after that kicked in she finished off the rest of the dry food. I expect her appetite will be back to normal tomorrow.

All the female dogs came to check her out. They've all been through it themselves, except for Khaleesi and her spay day is coming on Thursday.
The first thing Athena did after getting out of the van and
relieving herself was to lay down on the grass in the sun.
That's Samantha heading over to check her out.

Maya checking out the cone.

All the girls gathered around Athena -
Khaleesi, Maya, and Gigi.

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