Sunday, August 28, 2016


Not everyone was celebrating National Dog Day on Friday. Khaleesi's owners were making other plans for this young girl with the royal title. She came to Green Dogs Unleashed on Saturday morning and we picked her up on our way back from town Saturday evening.
In the car on the drive home.

She's 18 months old, unspayed, but will be next week. Her color is called "fawnequin," meaning fawn colored patches in the harlequin pattern. She's got blue/gray eyes and a generous amont of black masking around each eye. She's a big girl, quite a bit taller and bulkier than either Athena or Gigi. I guess she's more the size of Penelope, but without the low hanging tongue. She's not deaf or blind, she was just inconvenient for her former owners who couldn't understand why this year and a half old girl wasn't as calm and sedate as their seven year old dog.
Meeting Toquima

She met our pack yesterday evening and spent a quiet night in a crate adjacent to Athena. She's a bit suspicious of strangers, but she's already trusting both Clay and myself. She was fine with the other dogs. Gigi smelled her on us and wasn't interested in saying hello directly. Everyone has been fine with her and she seems to be adjusting quickly.

I'll get some nicer outdoor pictures of her today, but here she is meeting some of our dogs last night.

Getting checked out by Trooper

Encountering the blur that is Athena.

Khaleesi with Maya and Clay



Connie in Hartwood said...

Sad as it is for this dog to leave her home, it's better for her to move on to a place where people love her for who she it. She is beautiful.

Anonymous said...

For the love of Dog, people are stupid. This pretty girl will have a much better life thanks you to.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful girl. I just don't understand people, but thankfully there are people in the world like you and Clay. Thank you for all you do to help these dogs find loving, permanent homes.