Sunday, August 7, 2016

Beautiful Bella

I took Bella up to northern Virginia to a Promises adoption event on Saturday.

She was wonderful on the ride up, never heard a peep out of her in the crate behind my seat in the van. The poor girl wasn't happy to be there, however. New people, places, and things scare her. Actually, it's really just the people. When I walked her around the store alone she was fine. When we went outside, she was fine. But she hated being in a group of new people who all wanted to look at her and socialize with her. She was just like me at any party.
She hated being on display because the
last thing she wants is for people to
look at her and try to touch her.

I felt bad for her and did what I could to make things better, but we just had to get through it. There were a couple other dogs there, including a puppy, and she liked playing with him.
She wanted to melt into the floor and hide under the
display shelves.  I could relate.

As bad as it was, it was worth it, because we met her adopter. He's an old friend and long time shepherd owner. He brought along one of his dogs, Dylan, and Bella liked him. His wife was working Saturday, however, so they came down on Sunday and met us at a park in Charlottesville.
Things were better when she got to meet the pup.

It was a public park, lots of people around, and Bella wasn't thrilled by it, but they took her home and did introductions to their other dogs. I hated leaving her scared, but I knew she was in good hands and that she would come around. She's the only female dog in the home and it sounds like she's already beginning to make herself at home. I love the shy girls.

Bella will learn to trust people, it just takes a little
time, effort, and a gentle touch.
Meeting her new brother, Dylan. She's always
good with dogs and not at all shy.

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Byron's mom said...

I am so happy for this beautiful girl! What great news Brent!! You do such wonderful things!