Thursday, August 18, 2016


The goddess, Athena
Isn't August supposed to be hot and dry? It's been hot, for sure, but the grass is wet, the ground is muddy, and I can't keep up with the mowing. It was really too wet to mow today, but it wasn't raining and I had to do it when I could. The grass in the dog yard was out of control and the pasture is growing like it's spring. It was a rough cut, at best, but it was better than nothing.

Max, Theo, Athena, and Prince came out to keep me company. It was hot enough that no one did too much running, but they got enough exercise to sleep soundly tonight. Theo was disappointed that we didn't play ball, but I'll make it up to him another time.

Mad Max with a toy in his mouth that I haven't seen in ages.
He found it out in the pasture.

Theo the Great (front) and Mad Max (rear)

Max was in and out of the water so much that the tank
was half empty when we finished.
Prince stuck around really well. If he was out
of sight, I called, and he came.

Athena's tongue isn't as long as Penelope's and it's mostly
in her mouth most of the time.

Prince prancing along the fence line.
Athena and Max

Theo was disappointed that we didn't play ball.

The grass was almost tall enough to hide the Dane when she
laid down in it.

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