Monday, August 15, 2016

You need to fix this

Maya and Vince
Thunderstorms are not fun at our house and the one we had this evening was quite unwelcome. There are generally a couple dogs at my feet at all times, but during a storm that number grows to five or six.
Trooper and Vince

I knew we would be having a storm this evening because Vince wouldn't eat his dinner and it was still clear, hot, and dry at that time. We had a lot of lightning and thunder from this one and it seemed to be centered on our house for quite a while. The power flickered a few times, and the breaker that powers the computers and everything else in my office was tripped. Eventually the internet service came back, but not to my computer. This happened several weeks ago after a nearby lightning strike and I was without my computer for a couple weeks. They replaced the internet adapter or something like that and it wasn't expensive, but it took forever because they lost my name and phone number. I'll have to take it in again tomorrow, but at least this time it's a known problem. Apparently I need to replace the surge protector that the computer is plugged into. That's an annoyance but I do still have my work computer, although it doesn't have a photo editor, so my blog pics will be pretty much just as they come from the camera.
That's Gigi sitting under the desk, as close as possible.

Samantha doesn't hear so well anymore
but she's not completely deaf and beside
this thunder could be felt as well as heard.
The dogs don't care about my internet access, they were convinced that the world was ending and kept looking at me as if they expected me to do something about it. Trooper has been known to bark at thunder, hoping he can scare it off, I guess, but the thunder this evening as too loud and too close. He just wanted to hide under my desk along with Vince, Gigi, Samantha, and Maya. Maya is not particularly scared of storms, but she's usually at my feet anyway and she was concerned that Trooper was upset and I wasn't doing anything about it. Athena also didn't seem really scared, but she stuck close because that's what the others were doing.
This is Athena, pushing her way in for her share.

I used to enjoy a good thunderstorm, but I jumped at a couple of the thunder cracks and felt like doing the duck and cover move myself. I had been planning to mow part of the pasture this evening, but that obviously didn't happen.

Trooper and Vince have the worst storm anxiety of
our current pack. 

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