Monday, August 1, 2016

Penelope's Fresh Start

Penelope's preferred game is to jump and run with me.
This is her play bow, trying to get me started.
I can't say that I send off every one of my fosters smelling clean and fresh after a same day bath, but that's the send off that Penelope got today. More often than not, my dogs leave here smelling pretty gamey, but it was a hot and sunny day, so after another romp in the pasture with Theo and the puppies, I gave Penelope a bath. I left her outside to dry while I went inside for my own shower, which was at least as necessary as hers, before going to meet the adopters.

She will be missed. The physical presence of a Dane is substantial. They do not go unnoticed, and neither does their absence. But even greater than her considerable size, Penelope had a huge personality. When she was around, you knew it, and you knew what she was doing and what she wanted. Her adopters are nice people; I'm happy with them and I'm sure she will be as well.
Penelope joined in the ball playing occasionally,
but when she got one, she just kept it. She would
let me take it from her, but not another dog.

Her favorite part of the bath was drinking
from the hose.
Once again, she was good about the bath.

They are happy and excited, and so is Penelope.
Her tongue has no equal.

There's a lot of joy in that dog.


Sharon Swan said...

Lucky Penelope!!

Anonymous said...

So happy for this sweet giant! You do great things Brent!!