Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Welcome, Prince

It was another wet day although the rain held off. I picked up a new foster, named Prince. The weather wasn't conducive to doing much outdoors and I was busy with work and household stuff for most of the day, so I don't have any great pictures yet. Actually, "great" pictures will require that this guy have a bath first, and I don't want to do that until we are better acquainted, although I don't think that will take very long.

Prince is a five year old, neutered male German Shepherd mix. He came from West Virginia. His owner died and no one in the family wanted the dog, although one of them did hold on to him until I was prepared to take him in. He's lived as an outdoor dog for most of his life, so tonight will probably be his first experience indoors and in a crate. The dog's disposition seems solid. He's friendly to everyone, and has lived with chickens, cats, and kids. He rode in the backseat of a car next to a child in a car seat today on his way to me.

I haven't done introductions yet. I let him occupy a kennel by himself today but adjacent to the dog yard where he got the chance to meet Theo, Trooper, and Max. He rode home next to Maya in my van because she had come along for the ride. I don't anticipate a problem meeting everyone, but I really just didn't have the time or inclination to undertake that today. Besides, it was a lousy day for pictures.

What's he mixed with? I was told he was a Dane/Shepherd mix, but I don't buy that. There is nothing about him that looks like a Great Dane. He's definitely part shepherd; he's got the color, markings, and ears to prove that. He looks like he's got some hound in him and probably a healthy genetic mix of West Virginia's finest. He's got a big head that you just want to pat and he's a big, solid dog. Looks very huggable. He's neutered already, which is somewhat surprising, and his rabies is current, but I'll need to get him to a vet for a checkup, heartworm test, and whatever else he needs.

Welcome, Prince.

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