Saturday, August 13, 2016

Hot weather action

The last few days have just been beastly hot. Most of the dogs are indoors for most of the day now. Any outdoor activity needs to involve water unless it's early in the morning or late in the evening.

Athena is young and playful and she's been successful at engaging Maya in play indoors. This morning even Max joined in. Max doesn't really know how to play. If dogs are playing outdoors he usually just stands at the edge of action and barks or spins in circles. He's better indoors. Athena is the one who clearly wants to play so Max focuses on her. He's only got one move, which is to grab her collar and pull on it. Athena doesn't mind, she likes the attention, and Maya is happy that he focuses his attention on Athena rather than her.

Gigi and Samantha remained above the fray.
Gigi gave disapproving looks, while Samantha
was happy to just watch from the sidelines.

This was a first for me. Theo actually laid down
on the platform while I was washing him.
Prince and Theo still spend most of the day in the dog yard. It's well shaded until mid-day and then they hang out under the platforms and A-frames. Prince needed a bath but I didn't know if he had ever had one. Theo can always use a bath because he runs around and gets muddy when the dog yard is wet after a rain. I washed Theo first, mostly as a demonstration for Prince. I don't know if Prince had much experience with being washed, but he watched me do Theo and then let me wash him thoroughly, from nose to tail. Even late afternoon it was hot enough that the cold well water felt pretty good.

I don't know if Prince modeled Theo's bath
behavior, but he was very good about it. He
hopped up on the platform and he sat down
during part of bath as well.
Prince enjoyed the cool water and the brushing.
He had a lot of old dead hair that needed to be removed.
Prince has a nice profile.

He's got a nice happy smile.

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