Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Shuttle service

This is Bella on her way to the vet on Tuesday.
Whenever she's not sure what to do, she lays down.
The last couple days have been mostly about shuttling the two pups around. On Tuesday, Bella went in to be spayed. Clay took her in on his way to work and picked her up on the way home. The surgery went well. On Wednesday Jess had to go in to have stitches removed from his neuter surgery two weeks ago. I don't know how many stitches they had put in, but there were only three remaining when he went in there today. After bringing Jess back home, I loaded up Bella and we went back to town to meet a cat. We stopped at Green Dogs on the way home to meet kids and another cat. The canine shuttle service has been busy.

Bella didn't eat when she came home from the surgery, even
with some canned food mixed in.

The morning after surgery Bella ate about half her food and
finished the rest of it during the day. She ate all her food as
she normally does on Wednesday evening.
Jess on the way to the vet.

When Bella steps out of the car at any new place she
has that same look on her face that she did when
stepping out of the airplane when she first arrived.

When we got back home Wednesday
evening, however, she knew where she
was and she hopped out of the crate
without hesitation.

Blurry pictures, but this is the first nose-
to-nose meeting with the cat.

She seemed scared of the cat and
she did her usual automatic
reaction to new things - laying down.

She was curious but non-aggressive. Mostly she wasn't
sure what it was.

She was intensely alert, as she always is
with new things, taking it all in. You can
see the gears turning in her head.

If the cat was nearby, she was focused on it.
If the cat moved, she moved.

It seemed to be her first time meeting a cat.
While she didn't appear to be aggressive,
if the cat had ran, I'm pretty certain that
Bella would have given chase.

Upon arrival at Green Dogs, uncertain, must lay down.

The tail was tucked when we first arrived, but the ears were
fully engaged. She relaxed after meeting Erika, gave kisses,
and even wagged her tail.

Bella prefers to touch rather than be touched
when meeting new people, but she allowed
this and quickly warmed up at least to the
point of being comfortable, if not thrilled to
be there.

She seemed more familiar with kids than cats.

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