Saturday, September 17, 2016

Some place cool and green and shady

Maya and I have been logging 5+ miles most days for the past two weeks, mostly because I'm trying to make my pants fit again. I've given up mid-week beer as well. It may not compare to the many sacrifices that Donald Trump has made, but then we are still waiting to hear what those were, aren't we?
Maya is a trooper, she would never choose to stay at home rather than go along. It's her only outdoor time, and it's most of mine, so we are back to trying to do it whenever possible. On hot days I pick a route that takes us across a stream every mile or so for Maya to cool her feet and get a drink. I envy her on those stops. 

I'm not sure of the common name given to this wildflower,
but it's some species of coreopsis.

We use this stream crossing a lot.

Some of the goldenrod is as tall as me.
Again, I don't know the wildflower name, but
it's a wild species of ageratum.

Milkweed has one of the most beautiful wind-dependent
distribution systems in the plant kingdom. 

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