Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Making travel arrangements

Going out of town is tough. There came a time in my life where I developed what I call this "nesting" habit, for want of a better term. Home is safe and secure, home is good, nothing bad can happen if I stay home and take care of things. At home I have control, away from home there are many things beyond my control. That's the psychological problem with leaving. There's also the very real practical difficulty of making arrangements for the care of eight dogs, including one, Maya, with whom I share a possibly unhealthy but mutual attachment.

But I haven't had a real vacation in a couple years and I don't really want to be a hermit, so we are going. We are heading to London for about 10 days. Four dogs will be boarded, four will stay at home to protect the homestead and keep our housesitters company. I'm comfortable with the arrangements and am almost ready to go. The grass is mowed to within an inch of its life. The refrigerator is almost bare, but the dog food containers are full.
Dogwood leaves changing color.

It felt like fall this morning and the leaves will really be changing by the time we get back on the 17th. I got in another hike with Maya late this afternoon.

Not sure what this is, but it's still in full bloom.

Milkweed has the most elegant
seed distribution system.

Maya is on the bed that Gigi wants. Gigi walks
behind and sits down, Maya grumbles a bit.
Eventually Gigi stretches out her long legs and
squeezes into the narrow open space next to her.
Gigi looks at me, I speak to Maya, and then
Maya moves. Score another one for Gigi.
This is where Maya ends up, under my desk,
her head resting on my foot.


Anonymous said...

I know what you mean about travel. It's difficult to leave home, but it's good to get away. We spent a couple of weeks in Oregon this summer and the planning and making arrangements for pet care was a big deal and consumed my focus for the month before we left. Nuts, right?

The white flowering plant is, I think, and aster. very pretty.

Liz said...

Have a great vacation! Leaving the pets really is the hardest part. I stress about it every time. Good pet sitters are worth their weight in gold!

I enjoy your blog, and appreciate all you do for the dogs.


P.s. The mystery flower is aster. Lovely to have those colorful blooms in fall.

Byron's mom said...

I understand what you mean about leaving for a vacation. But you could use a break and it's great that you and Clay will be escaping! Have a wonderful time!

Risa said...

Have a safe trip. Enjoy yourselves, and everything will be just fine when you return.