Thursday, October 27, 2016

Dog sitting

I've mentioned before that one of our former fosters, Felix, lives just up the road from us, literally two doors away. His folks went on vacation so I've been dog sitting for Felix and his adoptive sister, Millie. They are nice people and nice dogs so I'm happy to do it. It's also been sort of a nice getaway for me this past week.

I go up in the morning, feed the dogs, and sit with a cup of coffee and watch the morning news while the dogs are outside. I go back around noon to let them out for a while. It's been really nice for most of this week and they have a screened in porch with a sofa that calls my name. I can't nap during the day, but I've spent a little time laying there in the warmth of the sun. I go back late afternoon, before dark, to feed again. The dogs go off into the woods and do their thing for a while, but they are pretty good about coming back when I call. If Felix comes back first, I tell him to go get Millie and he goes back out and then they both show up shortly after that. I go back up in the evening just before I'm going to bed because everyone needs to pee before going to bed for the night. They don't stay out too long before they come back in to collect their treats and go to bed. I eat my nightly dose of the neighbors' chocolate and head home to bed myself.

Our house is a mess with the kitchen project going on so it's been nice to get away to someplace so nearby yet so calm and serene in comparison. Plus, I can't ever sit and relax in my own house, there's always something that I should be doing. Even if I don't do it, it's hanging over my head.

Felix is a lot younger and a lot bigger, but they play nicely.

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Byron's mom said...

what an adorable pair!