Saturday, October 22, 2016

Spreading Slime and Love

I took Taz to a Green Dogs event in Charlottesville today. It was his first public outing.

We only lasted a couple hours because handling him is exhausting, but he still managed to spread a lot of slime and a lot of love in the time we were there.

We stayed outside mostly because it was a nice day and well, he's a beast. His tail clears store displays and the drool flies everywhere when he shakes his head. He was happy to be right in the middle of everything, but I feel the need for at least 100 square feet of personal space even without a dog his size on the end of my leash.

We did attract some attention outside the store. I can't tell you how many people told me what a big dog he was as I was holding him. Lots of folks wanted to pet him. He's an absolute love bug. When anyone pets him he repays the tactile attention with a big lean. He was fine with kids, at least if they didn't mind having their faces slimed. He wanted to meet every dog he saw and I generally didn't allow that, not knowing how the other dogs would react. But he was good, golden really.

We do need to figure out a way to make him more manageable on a leash, but that's really his only social issue.


Doug said...

Hey Brent, perhaps a gentle face lead? When my saint was about his age he was also quite "willful" on the leash, and after about a month on the gentle leader I saw a huge difference!

Anonymous said...

He really is precious! I'm sure his striking size got you a lot of looks:-)