Sunday, October 23, 2016

The Lucky One

She was the smallest and sickest of her litter. They were all sorely neglected but she wouldn't have made it on her own. She barely had the strength to stand yet she was the lucky one. Lucky because the owner saw no retail value in her and agreed to give her up to a good Samaritan-type neighbor. The nice neighbor took her in, got her to the vet, got her treated, and saved her life. The neighbor wasn't looking for another dog but she didn't want to see this little girl suffer and die. After she got Kaya back on her feet, she contacted someone involved with dog rescue and ultimately got in touch with me. I went to meet her yesterday and brought her home.
Kaya came to meet me when I first arrived, but then
went to observe from a distance.

Kaya (rhymes with Maya) is about six months old. She's a bit shy and she was definitely lost and confused about coming home with me yesterday, but she handled it very well. She spent the night in the crate, a first for her, and got acquainted with the household pack. By morning she was already beginning to attach herself to me and she ate her breakfast rather than engaging in the common German Shepherd hunger strike. She was fine with all the dogs and they were very good with her, recognizing her timidity and fear and mostly just leaving her alone to work through it.

As luck would have it, I knew a local couple who had adopted from me many years before who were once again looking for a female shepherd companion. Normally I would have waited until Kaya was more settled but I wanted these folks to meet her right away. I could see that transitions were going to be rather rough on his girl, so there was no real need for her to get attached to me just be uprooted again after a few weeks.
That's Trooper sticking his head into the crate
in the van to welcome her when we arrived
home on Saturday afternoon.

Upon arrival, tail tucked, looking worried.
Maya and Kaya and I met the folks at their home in Crozet and we went for a nice hike around their neighborhood. Kaya relaxed being outdoors and following Maya. Walking on a leash is a great trust builder and bonding opportunity. They could see her personality come through, enough to seal the deal. She is still underweight but she is on the road to recovery. She needs confidence building and socialization, but she's a sweet girl with a lot of potential.

I brought her home with me today because they need to re-acquire dog stuff that had been donated after their prior dog passed away. I'll have her for a few more days and will arrange a vet visit and spay appointment, but Kaya has a new home and it's a good one.
The morning after arriving at our house, she was
already looking a bit more confident.
We had a nice long walk with Maya and the prospective
adopters on Sunday afternoon. 

A rare, a short-lived moment when
Maya didn't insist on being in front.
Her eyes brightened up considerably
during the walk.

After the walk, a much happier dog with
her head between my legs.



Anonymous said...

Thank God for that good Samaritan and for YOU! This poor girl will get a chance at a good life.

Anonymous said...

What a lovely girl and how lucky she was to have the neighbor and you. You do such wonderful work. Thank you!!