Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Taz at the Vet

I took the Beast, a/k/a Taz, to the vet on Wednesday morning to be neutered. I hadn't been home very long when I got a call saying that he was finished and that I could come pick him up. It wasn't my most productive morning for work, but it was a big step towards getting Taz ready for a new home.
He didn't know where we were going or why, of course, but he was very eager and excited to be going. Maya and Trooper came along for the ride because we have a kitchen project going and I didn't want to leave those two at home unsupervised. Maya can open the door to get out of the office or bedroom if she wants to, and although I could crate Trooper, he's spending a lot of time in the crate recently because of the remodeling, so I just brought him along.

Taz was happy to meet everyone at the vet's office. He weighed in at 118 pounds. Now that the surgery is over I'll start giving him three meals a day to put some meat on his bones. Erica showed me a leash trick (see picture), that works like a charm to eliminate pulling. The shopping center where the vet's office is located was undergoing a very noisy construction project, breaking up the concrete in front with very large and very loud jackhammers. Taz was unphased by the unfamiliar and obnoxious noise.

I had a meeting scheduled for mid-afternoon when I might have been going back to pick him up, so they called after surgery and let me bring him home early. Once I put him in a crate he just slept all afternoon. 

The kitchen remodeling project has the house in more than its usual state of disarray and that's likely to continue for a while. We've been in this house for 16+ years now, though, so it was time for some refreshening. Many years and hundreds of dogs do take a toll. 

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Anonymous said...

I just can't get over the size of him! He seriously looks like a pony! God bless you for helping all these fur kids. I'm sure there will be people lining up for this handsome dude.