Sunday, October 30, 2016

Introducing Abby

Abby is about 50 pounds of spitfire. She arrived from a North Carolina shelter on Saturday, happy to be out of that state and happy to be the newest foster with Promises Animal Rescue. She is probably about a year old and is still very much a puppy in her attitude and demeanor, but she's a pup who grew up tough. She can a bit overly defensive in her meeting with new dogs, especially if she's in a crate or on a leash, but she met all of the dogs around here without difficulty. Maya set her straight about who's in charge the moment I had my back turned. Lesson learned, no problem. Abby spent the night in a crate in the office between Sparky and Taz and seemed fine with that. She brings our total back up to an even number of 10 dogs. Most importantly, it appears that she may be the best playmate for the Beast.
Abby with her personal pilot, Frank.

Abby's ride from North Carolina. She arrived at the Louisa
airport Saturday afternoon.

She did well on the flight, but seemed happy
to be back on solid ground, celebrating
here with a roll in the grass.
A big thank you for helping her get out of N.C.

Meeting Samantha, who was not interested.

Meeting Gigi, who was also not interested in her.

The first thing she did in the dog yard was walk the perimeter
with Theo and Taz in tow.

They may not be close in size, but they are fairly close in age
and that means more when it comes to play compatibility. 

The Beast (Taz) has met his match.

She showed him some teeth and he jumped out of her way.

She may be the one who finally tames the Beast.

Taz doesn't care who chases who, he just wants to play.

She's got a bobbed tail, don't ask me why.
It looks like a North Carolina back yard
bob job. She might be a rottie mix. She
sort of has those colors and markings.
Happy smile, happy girl.


Anonymous said...

She's adorable. Looks like she's a bunch of fun.

Anonymous said...

She is precious! I'm so glad she is safe with you!!