Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Ask any dog

Ask any dog around here and they will tell you that I've been absolutely no fun since getting home from vacation. I came down with a cold and haven't been able to shake it yet. I don't feel particularly bad but I still hack and cough a lot, although I think that is finally a bit better today. We've been having work done in the kitchen, painting mostly at this point but there's new doors, windows, and flooring in the future. Between all this crap, I haven't been out to hike at all.

Fortunately, the two new fosters, Taz the Beast and Abby, do very well playing together in the dog yard during the days, with or without Theo, Trooper, and/or Max. Although I haven't been walking with Maya, I have been taking her with me virtually every time I go any place. Thanks to the cooler temperatures of the past week I can leave her in the car when I run into places doing errands. Being with me, or at least not being left behind, is more important to her than actually doing something fun.
Maya and Trooper

Most of us have been a pretty sedentary lot for the past couple weeks, however, as reflected in the pictures.

Maya and Gigi. I'm always surprised by how often these two
end up sharing a bed, at least for a while.
Mayhem in the kitchen. The worst part was having to move
everything out to other parts of the house.

I'm calling this the Beast Bucket and
it has solved a couple of feeding
problems with this guy. It's big enough
that it stays in place, it's exclusively his
so it doesn't matter that he slimes it,
it's big enough to spread out his food
to slowdown his intake, and it's deep
enough that he doesn't get the food
mixed with straw from the floor.

I am happy with the new colors.

Maya in her preferred position, closest to me.
New windows and doors have been ordered which may finally
make this warm room this winter.

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