Friday, November 18, 2016

Vet and Adventure

Thursday was Theo's annual check up. He passed with flying colors, of course, and got extra points for being extra nice. Trooper and Vince will use up the extra points the next time we walk in the door, but it was nice to take a well-behaved shepherd to the vet.

Maya came along for the ride and afterwards we went for a city hike through McIntire Park (former golf course) and along the trail that parallels the parkway. We made about 5.5 miles from it and I think there's still more area there to be explored on another day. We also caught a couple of tantalizing glimpses of segments of the Rivanna River Trail in some wooded areas. I've only done one segment of that trail in Charlottesville and there's a lot more to do.

They didn't always agree about which way to go, but on a
well-defined trail they walked together very nicely.

It was a city walk, but it went through some open and wooded
areas and we did spot two deer.
I've seen this piece of city art from the 250 by-pass, but never
knew that it's installed in a downed tree trunk.

Theo at the Dogwood Vietnam Memorial

This was the area where the Rivanna River Trail crossed our
path. I will go back and find this again some day.

We still avoid meetings with other dogs, but at least Theo and Maya are sociable enough to take
on a walk through the city without much worry. 

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