Sunday, November 20, 2016

Deer Stalking with Max and Maya

Today was clear and sunny, but cold and windy. Perfect hiking weather. Yesterday I made the mistake of putting Max out in the dog yard for the day. The wind came up and he went insane. Way too much stimulation out there on a windy day. He's all right if he's leashed, however, so today we hit the trails.

I call it hiking, but I'm sure that they consider it to be hunting. They were on high alert for most of the five miles that we covered, and their efforts were rewarded with multiple deer sightings and countless scents.

They are back to winter weather pace, so I need to get in better shape in order to keep up. I took advantage of the deer sightings and let them pull me along, especially when we were going up hill.
The Rivanna River was looking quite blue today thanks to
the clear sky overhead.

This was our only rest stop, and it was for me.
They didn't even pause when we crossed the
stream for dip or a drink.

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