Saturday, November 5, 2016

XL Puppy Play

They are both still pups. Taz is less than two years old; Abby is just about a year. They play like puppies still and all the more mature dogs around here treat them like puppies, preferring that they just play with each other and leave everyone else alone. And mostly they do.

Abby pretty much fills in all the empty space under Taz when he is standing. She can walk under his body and between his legs with barely dipping her head. She set the ground rules for their play and he doesn't overpower her. In fact, he's more deferential to her in terms of controlling his size and weight than he is with anyone else around here.


Taz is eating 3x/day and is putting on some weight now.
They are very good together.

So many good pictures of Taz, I couldn't choose.

Abby isn't a really small dog, except in comparison.

As hard as they play, I've never heard her yelp.
He's really gentle and considerate.





She's careful with him too. His jowls cover most of the ball
but she's careful to only grab the ball with her teeth.

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Anonymous said...

What an adorable duo!