Friday, November 4, 2016

Taking care of my own

The two fosters I have now, Taz and Abby, are fully vetted, just waiting for a home. I took the opportunity this week to catch up on a couple of vet needs that I had been neglecting on my own dogs, and had one unexpected one as well.

Gigi has been needing to have her thyroid levels re-checked for a long time now. I think about it occasionally and have tried to combine it with other vet visits, but she needs to have the blood drawn between 4 and 6 hours after having her pill and that has just never worked out with another vet visit. I scheduled one just for her on Thursday.
Her weight was up a couple pounds.

It was very fast but while I was there I asked the vet to call in a prescription for Trooper's prednisone eye drops. He's got pannus and I've been neglecting him terribly. Partly because I was out of eye drops, but mostly because it's so difficult to give them to him. Zachary had the same condition, but Zach would just walk into the bathroom and sit down nicely while I put drops in his eyes. Trooper isn't nearly as cooperative, but he's losing his eyesight and I really need to get this under control again.
Gigi on the way home

The thyroid test was perfect so there's no change in
her medication.
Thursday evening Maya had gone from favoring her left front paw to holding it up completely and licking it excessively. I called Friday morning and got another appointment for Friday afternoon. She's got a bad infection between two of her toes, but with no obviously cause -- no puncture, no broken nail, nothing. Her regular annual visit was coming up in a month so we just took of that today too. She got some antibiotics, some stuff to squirt on the infected area, and I need to keep her from licking it. I'm not sure how that's going to go. I've never had much success keeping Maya from doing anything that she wants to do. A few days with a cone may be the only option but I'm dreading it.
Gigi and Maya sharing a bed is less about cooperation and
togetherness and more about stubbornness. 

Maya licking her sore foot.

Taking treats from the lovely Dr. Kramer.

She sticks very close to me when she's nervous.

She will bear weight on it, but no more than necessary.

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