Saturday, November 19, 2016

Abby - Ready for Anything

Abby and I went to a Promises Animal Rescue adoption event up in northern Virginia today.

It was nice to get her by herself for a change. Around here Abby is overshadowed by Taz. Everyone is pretty much overshadowed by Taz. Getting some one-on-one time with Abby was a chance to see what she's all about. All I can say is that this girl is ready for anything.

She's still enough of a puppy that everything is new to her and she wants to take it all in. She's interested, curious, and loves being in the center of it all. Mostly this little girl loves people - any people, all people, any age, size, shape, or color.
That bag full of cubes on the table that look
like caramels are peanut butter treats.
Abby was quite fond of them.

She's not easy on a leash, but she's not the worst I've had by far. She is very food motivated so training should not be difficult with a little effort and consistency.

Abby had a great time. After a couple hours of constant stimulation in a new environment, she was ready for a nap on the ride home before rejoining Taz.

Maya came along too, of course, and she even let
people touch her and kiss her, although she always
checked with me to make sure it was all right. 

She's not perfect, she's going to require
a little work, but she will be a great dog
and a loyal dog for the right person.

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Rachel Snoddy said...

Abby seems like a great girl. Also, I spy LuLaRoe Leggings! I love your doggy updates.