Friday, November 18, 2016

Holiday photo shoot, Abby and Taz

The Companion Animal Fund was doing a fundraiser last week at Old Dominion Animal Hospital. A professional photographer was taking holiday pictures of dogs and cats and volunteered to do some of rescue dogs to help get them adopted.

I loaded up my two fosters, Taz and Abby, and off we went. The dogs had no idea what was going on, of course, but it was an outing and something new and they made the most of it.

We started with Abby and she was a bit wild but actually did sit long enough for a few photos to be taken. I got a few pictures of the process and the photographer got some really great pics as you can see here.

Abby would sit for a treat and hold it long
enough for a picture or two.
Like all models, she had to take a break
for an occasional scratch.

Taz came in and proceeded to rearrange the room and all of its contents. We couldn't really get him to wear anything, but I tied a big bow on his collar and we went with that. Fortunately, he looks good in anything.

This was his favorite part of the whole trip, three
people to lean against and love on.
This is Taz going through all the hats and other
accessories to decide what he wanted to wear.

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