Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Therapy walk

I haven't been out hiking since before our trip to London. I'm finally about over the cold and cough thing that I had and Maya's foot is getting better too. The antibiotics seem to have done the trick. She's not favoring it much any more and she's not licking it nearly as much either. (I never did put the cone on her.) My legs have been aching from lack of activity and I needed some election day stress relief so we went out for a very short walk.

It was just over a mile, but it was a start. I could have done more but I wasn't sure how Maya's foot would hold up. I think she could have done more too, so we'll get back to doing more over the next few days. This is the prettiest time of year and my favorite time to hike so I've been missing it and she has too.

We just walked down the easy trail from the dog park area to the beach on the river. I don't walk that section of the trail system very often because it's the area where we are most apt to encounter people and other dogs. There were a couple out today but nothing that bothered us.

It was nothing exciting, but it was nice to be out again.

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