Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Taz in the Pasture

Yes he needs room to run.

I've come down with a cold and feel like crap, but I took Taz and Theo out to romp in the pasture this afternoon. Taz couldn't care less about the ball, but he regards the game as a contact sport. Thank goodness that Theo is a big, solid shepherd and can hold his own.

He's eating 3-4 cups of food three times a day now. He's just going to get bigger. He's getting a little easier to handle, or else I'm getting stronger. Yesterday I let him run from the dog yard to the house without a leash and he came right to the door. I can't say that he would necessarily come when called, but if he thought you were interesting he would. Mostly he's getting accustomed to the household routine. He crates without resistance now and is good in there all night but he does want to be the first one out in the morning.

He's up for adoption through Green Dogs Unleashed. Don't kid yourself, he needs a fenced yard and someone committed to training, but at least he's receptive to it -- he loves any kind of attention. Ignoring this dog is impossible.

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