Monday, October 17, 2016

The Beastie Boy

We got home Sunday evening. All the dogs are fine. We picked up the four that had been boarded Monday morning. Monday afternoon after a re-stocking trip to the grocery store I picked up Taz, a/k/a "The Beastie Boy."

He's a 14-16 month old harlequin Great Dane. He's a sweet boy, but he's huge and he's never been taught how to act. He throws his weight around, sometimes intentionally, but more often because he just doesn't know how to control it, or even that it's something that needs to be controlled. In short, he's a big puppy with an arrested state of development.

I brought him home and he met the senior dogs first, Vince and Samantha. He wanted to play, of course, but they thought he was a huge, impertinent puppy. I brought him in to meet Maya and she wasted no time giving him a short course of instruction on the rules of engagement. What he really wanted and needed was play, however, so I put him into the dog yard with Trooper and Theo. Trooper checked him over but gave me the "I'm too old for this shit" look and removed himself to the Playstation. I brought Trooper indoors after a bath and left Taz with Theo, who is young enough and big enough to be a worthy adversary in play.

I think he will be fine and he will only get better after he's neutered on Wednesday and has an outlet for his energy as well as some instruction in the fine art of being a dog. He hasn't really been posted on the Green Dogs website yet, but there is someone interested in him already.

He is neither blind, nor deaf. He seems healthy as a horse from what I can see. He's over 100 pounds already and will probably put on another 20 or so. He's got cropped ears, which I don't approve of, but at least they did a good job with them--they look good. Everything about him looks good.

Taz meeting Samantha

Maya let him know what would not
be tolerated.
Trooper (left) and Theo (right) checking him over.

Trooper looks very small next to Taz.

Even Theo looks small next to him.


Cheryl Falkenburry said...

Glad that big loveable dopey lug is with you and not me! I know he will do well under your guidance. You and your gang will teach him a little respect. He just hasn't had a lot of guidance. Good luck. You are going to need all that chocolate for energy!!!

Anonymous said...

Taz is So handsome!