Friday, October 13, 2017

Almost every dog

These pictures are from walks we've taken over the past week. They represent almost every dog we have around here, minus Vince and Sherman who don't hike, Max who hasn't hiked recently, and Rex who is on crate-rest recovering from heartworm treatment. All of these hikes have been with Maya plus one, or sometimes plus two. Today we did four separate hikes totaling over eight miles.

TJ, Maya, and Trooper

TJ and Trooper

Field of red sumac under a blue sky

Maya the Intrepid

Theo the Great

A dogwood tree in fall color

Maya, Trooper, and TJ crossing a bridge

TJ and Trooper

Maya and my right foot

The "Sandy Beach" on the Rivanna (water is very low)
Gigi, of course

Maya and Sparky

I haven't been walking Sparky because of the heat, but today
was cloudy and fairly cool. 


Duggan is still trying to be Maya's friend.

Duggan was so happy to be out hiking again that he has
a definite spring in his step. He doesn't pull really hard
but he leaps forward with enthusiasm.

Duggan loves the water.

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