Friday, October 6, 2017

Sherman the tank

Sherman is an English Bulldog. He's 61 pounds of solid, compact cuteness. He does a very fast "sit" and "down" on command, so he's obviously had some training. He's good indoors and good with other dogs. He's crate trained and I'd say house trained given the fact that he hasn't even marked in our house in the three weeks or so that we've had him. He had a bad ear infection when he arrived, and tested positive for three tick-borne diseases, but all of that has been treated. Sherman is now neutered and up to date on vaccinations.

He's so cute and sweet, you just want to eat him up, but I've never had a bulldog and am not familiar with the breed, so we took it very slow with Sherman, not pushing ourselves on him and giving him the chance to learn to trust us and approach us on his own terms. As a result, he's very sweet, loving, and trusting of us. Once he trusts you, Sherman is quick to roll over for a belly rub. He loves to romp and play outdoors and will follow you around, always quick to come when called although he's never been far away. He's available for adoption through Green Dogs Unleashed. Prior bulldog experience and child-free homes are preferred for this guy.

TJ is very much an alpha and he's not great with
new male dogs so I was concerned about him and
Sherman, particularly because Shermy was intact.
TJ "dogs" him quite a bit, but there have been no
issues between them. Sherman just doesn't give
off any vibe that he is a threat to TJ's position.

This is Trooper checking out Sherman when he's
in "speed bump" mode and position.

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Johanna Breder said...

I love his face!!! If I could adopt a 6th, I think he would be it! What a cutie!!