Friday, October 27, 2017

Quite a day

The day started early and with a bit of chaos. The dogs were up early, but the sun was not. I let them out to the AC yard next to the house, but I told them that no one was going to the dog yard and no one was getting fed until the sun came up. That left me with some time to kill so I decided to cook while waiting for the sunrise. I finished a pan of breakfast muffins and a beef stir fry about the time the sun came up.
I often need to remind myself that not everyone has a houseful
of dogs like we do. There's six shown here and there were four
more that were still upstairs at the time.

We may not be "normal," but that's not really something
I ever aspired to anyway.

After getting everyone out, fed, and moved to appropriate day time locations I got my work day started. The day started out quite chilly, but the sun made it a pretty fall day and I should have gone out for a hike or two, but I didn't. I did, however, take Theo, Max, and Carly out to the pasture for a good romp and a session of ball playing with Theo. Carly didn't have a lot of interest in the ball, which is just as well, because Theo could out run her. She had a great time running around, though, and she needed some exercise and stimulation. The leash walk I did with her a few days ago left me with a shoulder that is still sore, so I think her exercise will be pasture runs until I get a better harness for walking her.

Max doesn't play ball the way Theo does, but he wants and needs to get at least one ball. He did manage to grab one ball I had thrown for Theo, after which Theo body slammed him and pretty much rolled Max over. Max was surprised, perhaps stunned, but not upset and he never dropped the ball. After that Max sort of went off by himself to destroy the tennis ball. I wish I had been able to get a picture or video of that one. Ball playing is a full contact sport for Theo.
L to R: Max, Carly, Theo

Theo and Carly cooling in the shade.

Carly's new pink collar matches her tongue.

Friday evening I took Sherman to his new home. That's always a rather bittersweet moment. He was our first English Bulldog foster and I really liked him. But he's gone to a great new home where he will have more attention and everything he could ever want. The dog to human ratio in his new home is 1 to 1, instead of 6 to 1 like it is around here. I love that sweet little face of his, though, and we will miss him around here.

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