Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Loving this weather

The last few days are why I think that fall is the best time of year in Virginia - clear, cool, sunny, low humidity. It's near perfect hiking weather that will only improve in the next few weeks as it gets cooler and the trees become more colorful.
Maya and Theo and I did a 6 mile hike the day
before we left for Asheville.

The only downside is that it gets dark earlier and earlier. I need to adjust my schedule to a split shift, where I work in the mornings, hike mid-day, and then go back to work for the late afternoon and evening.

I get some of the best pictures of Maya when she
is walking behind or beside me and I just hold the
camera down in front of her and take the pic.

When I take pictures of Theo there are always lots to choose
from. The dog looks good from all angles and rarely takes a
bad picture. The rest of us aren't so lucky.

Cooler weather means that TJ can go farther again, as long
as we take it easy on the hills.

A particularly pretty piece of goldenrod catching
the late day sun.

Most any picture of TJ shows a
very happy dog.

Maya was convinced that she saw or heard a
deer, or something, over in those trees.

It's really not any harder to walk three dogs than one, unless
they spot a deer.

These three went four miles yesterday and
Trooper was tired at the end, but he was out
front the entire route and never suggested that
we stop. 

A Maya sandwich
Ready to head home.  Have I mentioned lately how much
I love my new van?

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful Dogs! I can't believe how good TJ looks under your care.