Thursday, October 26, 2017

Vet visits

I tried to start work early on Thursday because I had two different vet visits scheduled for the day, which meant a lot of time driving and a lot of time away from work.
Sherman sitting with me in the reception area
of the vet's office. He has a very serious look on
his face, but it was quick and painless.

The bulldog, Sherman, had an appointment back with the vet who did his neuter to get stitches removed. That was quick and easy. He walked into the reception area and headed over to the scale and immediately sat down on it. That's something I would struggle with later in the day, but he acted like it was just part of a very familiar routine. Sherman had gained about 2.5 pounds since the time he was neutered, about three weeks ago.

After that we stopped by Clay's mother's house to meet her cat. The cat is very friendly and social and met us at the door, not really knowing that I had a dog with me. They were nose to nose before either realized the other was there. Sherman was surprised and wanted to sniff the cat, but that's all he did and after he had given her a good sniff, he just ignored her and went about his business.

This is the face he made when I told him he
had gained 2.5 pounds.

Meeting the cat. Very good dog.

Sherman licking his lips after a treat.

I am quite fond of this dog, but am happy that he should
be going to his new home soon.

I got home in time to knock out a couple hours of work before heading back to town with Maya and Theo for their annual vet visits. They are both very healthy, but it was time for annual exams, heartworm tests, and a couple vaccines. I also needed to get meds to treat Theo and Sparky for tapeworms I've seen in their stools. And I brought home a vial and urine collection tray to hopefully get a urine sample from Vince sometime soon. He's been urinating in the house when I'm gone and that's very out of character for Vince so it concerns me. But, he's so terrible at the vet that we are going to try everything possible to avoid going in there.

The visit for Maya and Theo was pretty uneventful, as I had expected, other than Theo's ears needing cleaning and treatment.

Maya was pretty nervous at the vet's office this
afternoon for her annual exam. She just needed a
vaccine or two and a blood test. 

Theo had his annual checkup today too. He and Maya are
both in good shape. Theo wasn't really scared at all, until
they cleaned out his ears.

Maya stuck very close to me. You can see her here with her
leg laid across my foot to maintain contact.

Maya was happy when it was over.
When Theo came back into the exam room after getting his
ears cleaned out, he tried to hide behind me.


Johanna Breder said...

Glad everyone had a good checkup! Love the close ups of these cuties!

Anonymous said...

Love these pups. That Sherman is a great dog!