Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Catching up

After dropping off Radix at his home in Arlington late on Friday afternoon, this bronze statue of Fala was as close as I got to a dog for the next 48 hours.  It was nice to get away. 

My sister Paula was coming to DC on business this week so she came in early to spend the weekend with me.  Rather than having her here, which would have required me cleaning the house and fixing food, I suggested that we spend the weekend in DC.  The weather was unbelievable, just perfect, better than we had any reason to expect for mid-June.  The first day we took in the old Smithsonian Castle and the gardens outside, and then took a long walk all the way around the Tidal Basin, taking in the new MLK Memorial, the FDR Memorial, and of course, the Jefferson.  The afternoon we spent in the Holocaust Museum, and then saw "Memphis" at the Kennedy Center that evening, followed by a nighttime drive around the mall.  Sunday we did the American Indian Museum and the nearby Botanical Gardens before I had to head back home to reality. 

I really liked spending time with my sister and I really liked being away.

The bronze sculptures at the FDR Memorial are powerful and evocative


The entrance to the MLK Memorial

The Jefferson is arguably DC's most beautiful memorial.

Bonus points to anyone to knows this little known, rarely seen memorial, near the Tidal Basin.

View of the Potomac from the Kennedy Center terrace during intermission.


Tammy said...

George Mason with the books, he looks content.

Risa said...

I love that statue of Fala. There may be a Scottie coming to visit my pack of GSDs.