Thursday, June 14, 2012

Full house

Cooper under my desk.
I'm trying to find an arrangement that keeps all the dogs as happy as possible and most importantly, quiet at night.   I'm going out of town for the weekend so I need to find an arrangement that is workable and easy for Clay to handle in my absence as well.  I had been putting Radley, Lana, and Hank in the shed at night, but someone (I suspect Lana and/or Hank) has been getting destructive in there, pulling things off shelves and chewing.  So Lana and Hank are banished to a kennel at night and the dog yard during the day, but shut out of the shed.
Vince is happy in his crate but he growls at
dogs who come near it. 
We had a discussion about that this evening.
Gigi folds up very small when she sleeps.
She no longer feels the need to follow me everywhere.
She has found "her spot" and hangs out there, but she still
tries to get in bed at night, and she does more often than not.
Dixie and Max have to come in someplace at night because Max objects, loudly, if he's left outside.  They are going in the shed now because the crates in the office are full.

Vince really wants and needs to be inside, he's an old man and that's just the way it is.  Radley had to come in today because there was gunfire in the area and he freaks.  Besides, Radley is a nice guy.  Radix is indoors because he's an old guy and that's what he's been used to lately anyway.  And he's only here until Friday.  Cooper is indoors because he's Cooper.  He's practically family.  We brought another dog bed into the bedroom for him at night too.
Radley under the desk.  He hates guns.
Radix half in, half out of his crate.
He has been good with everyone around here.
Cooper had his first pasture romp today.
It's actually a pretty workable system.  I took our dogs plus Cooper out to the pasture for a romp today, followed by Dixie and Max, and then Lana, Hank, Radley, and Radix.  Everyone got a good run and things are quiet around here now. 

Radley had something cornered or treed in our little patch of woods this evening. 
I don' t know what it was, but he wouldn't leave it until I went out to get him.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like it's working out and you all had a good day!


Lindsay said...

I love Radix. He is so cute! And looks so sweet!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a real cozy household!! What a difference in Gigi! You have given her the confidence she needed!