Saturday, June 9, 2012

Garden day

I am tired (in a good way) and don't really have too much to say, so I'll let the pictures do most of the talking.

Friday evening in the pasture.  I had Trooper, Lana, Radley, and Hank out for a run.  I brought Lana back in and then took Dixie and Max out to join the others.  (I think Dixie and Lana together would be a bad scene.)  Hank wanted to get in Max's face and push him around a bit.  Dixie would have none of that.  She tackled Hank and set him straight and then continued to monitor him around Max.  She would get between them, push Hank away with a body slam, and generally served as Max's personal body guard.

I met Radix's fosters up in Culpeper this morning and brought him home for the week.  He is a very nice and very handsome dog.  He's up in my office with Vince tonight.  It's about to get very cozy in my office with him and Vince, and Dixie and Max at night, and a former foster, Cooper, coming tomorrow for about three weeks.  I'm not sure yet who is sleeping where.  The crates may become timeshares.

This was the day for gardening.  Everything else took a backseat.  I pretty much finished planting the container garden (left), except I added a few new features and so naturally need a few more plants. 

After that was done, we hauled the rototiller, four bags of soil amendments (composted manure, peatmoss, and something called "clay cutter") up to the Fluvanna Community Garden.  I tilled up the weeds, laid down two layers of weed blocking ground cloth, and then cut holes in it for the tomato plants.  They will be very dear and expensive tomatoes if we have any. 

A busy day, but several things accomplished.  That was the first time I've ran a tiller in a few years and I'm feeling it already tonight.

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