Sunday, June 3, 2012

Eat, poop, play

It's time to start moving puppies.  They are really growing, getting to be quite big and chunky.  They are still very cute, but you can't pick up one of them without realizing that these are going to become good sized dogs. 

We have a little used, somewhat mobile kennel that has been residing in the front of the house right off the front porch.  It looks rather trashy there but it was handy when we had the parvo pups living upstairs and needed a place to get them outside quickly and easily.  The grass is growing up in and around it now, however, so I needed to get it out of there.  We moved it back under the birch trees in the back yard where it makes a nice, well-shaded, grassy play space for the puppies during the day.

I hope to get them speutered this coming week and then it's time to start looking for homes for them.  It's summer, school is out, it's a great time for someone to adopt a pup.  Of course, then we start hearing about people's vacation plans-- "can you keep him for us until July or August?"  No, not if I can find a home now.  It's time someone was beginning to work with these guys on training, housetraining, etc. 


Lindsay said...

They are really cute!

BudsBuddy said...

Love the title for this post! But I'm not sure it would be a bestseller ;) Welcome home.