Sunday, June 3, 2012

Shaking things up

Vince has moved indoors with the household dogs.  He's an old guy and he's been an indoor dog, should be easy.  Rex is moving to another foster home this weekend, I hope.  Those two had been sharing a kennel and/or the shed, so that frees up a space.  I will probably move the bullies, Lana and Radley, back to that space; they had moved to the big kennel for the time I was gone.  I need to pick up Dixie, Max, Hank, and Gypsy Jr. from the boarding kennel today.  Gypsy will go back with Sparky.  Hank can go with the bullies.  Dixie beat up Max once before, but I think I may try them together again.  I need to get Nero's old kennel sanitized with bleach so I can use it again.  It would be a good space for Dixie.  Whew!  That's a headfull, it's no wonder I'm losing my mind and memory.

Here are a few pics of Vince and Gigi playing in the pasture.  Vince is good in a crate in the office at night.  Gigi slept in bed last night.  We may have to consider a king size bed. 

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