Wednesday, November 5, 2014

8, 9, 10

That's miles, not dogs. Our dog count is actually up to 11 right now, but one of them is just boarding so that really doesn't count. I'm happy to be able to work from home on a flexible schedule, lucky to have great walking trails nearby, and fortunate that my exercise needs mesh with my dogs' needs so well.

I logged 132 miles for the month of October, my highest total to date, and I have over 42 miles already for the first five days of November. I have another vet visit tomorrow, which means I'll weigh myself again. My last weigh in was disappointing, but I've upped the hiking intensity and I think I've cut back on food. We will see.

Maya and I did about eight miles on Monday. The weather was beautiful so we just kept going. She was a tired girl that night.

Sparky and I did a seven mile route on Tuesday, but when we got back to the van I found that I had lost my keys somewhere on the trail. The walk home was a little over two miles giving us a nine mile total. He is still the best, very best, dog for hiking. He enjoys it so much and his joy is infectious.

On Wednesday, I did another round of tag team hiking, about three miles with Maya, then a couple more with Groot, then Toquima, and finally finishing up with Barkley. It's not quite the same intensity as one long hike, but the total added up to more than 10 miles, and four dogs got some trail time, so that's not bad.
The Groot profile head shot.

Groot was telling me a secret. Actually,
it wasn't much of a secret, all he said
was "I am Groot."
Toquima's got a nice profile too.

Toquima is borrowing Sparky's harness for
our hikes.
It was my first time walking Barkley so
I used two collars and two leashes.

Barkley walked very well and it was
a good way to build his trust in me.

The four-dog, ten mile route.

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Britta said...


Great photos. The dogs are so happy with the hikes. I don't know who enjoys them more, you or the 4-legged gang!