Thursday, November 20, 2014

The Zen of Sparky

People would be better if they were more like dogs, if dogs were our role models, our teachers, our spiritual leaders. I learn a lot from dogs, often when I'm not even trying. I'm lucky have had so many dogs in my life and they've all had something to teach if I was able to learn.

Sparky, I'm convinced, is a Zen master, with far more to teach than I'll be able to comprehend, but he never gives up on me.

If you're not the lead dog,
the view never changes.
Look at the world through eyes without artifice.

Simple physical contact is the best
way to show affection.
Walk with purpose.

Smile when you're happy and
don't worry about what you look like.
Take advantage of the sunshine.

Give yourself over to pure joy.


Laura Resnick said...

I'm an old college friend of Clay's. I recently starter fostering puppies (one at a time) for a service dog organization. My first one now works as a seizure-alert dog for a little girl in Florida. My 2nd one is still here, 8 months old, a female golden named Riona. I live in a small townhouse in the city, so 1 big dog in residence is enough for me! But I adopted 3 young cats this year, and I recently fostered 2 kittens--adopted last week!--for the group that rescued and fostered my cats. Cats fit into this house a little more easily than a 60 pound puppy...

Anonymous said...

This posting was so precious and so true. I often tell people that we should look to dogs to learn how to be better humans. I guess this is why I prefer dogs to most humans:-)