Sunday, November 23, 2014

Thanksgiving prep (cooking and hiking)

Barkley on Saturday's hike with Maya.
Getting out of town for two days, four days, or two weeks requires about the same amount of preparation. I don't have so much yard work this time of year, although I did mow some grass today. Mostly it's about the dogs, dog food, straw, getting things ready for the house sitter, and of course actually getting ready to go. I also prepare food. Although my sister's partner, Kim, cooks virtually everything, I take along a few things to help out, mostly for breakfast and happy hour, but I'll also be making creamed corn and the sweet potatoes for Thanksgiving dinner. Some of the things I prepare in advance and take frozen to be thawed and cooked once we get there.
Maya has gotten faster and better
about leading on our walks.

Onions cooked in butter and cream.
It's not a low fat week.

A crockpot full of chili-cheese dip.

Breakfast casserole, two for next
week and one for Christmas morning.

Quiche, also for breakfast
next week.

A roast and veggies I made for dinner
while cooking everything else.

Ten+ miles on Saturday with Barkley and Maya
and Sparky. 

Five+ miles on Sunday with Trooper and Maya.

I was still a couple pounds over my pre-Thanksgiving target weight, so I'm not letting up on the hiking either. I know I'll put on a few pounds next week so the more I lose now, the better off I'll be after Thanksgiving. On Saturday I took Maya and Barkley out for five miles, and then followed that up with another five miles with Sparky. On Sunday, Maya and Trooper and I did a little over five miles again. Trooper is a slow walker, but I have the dogs attached to each other so Maya pulls him and they arrive at a compromise pace. I have a floating lead attached between them and just walk along without having to really pull or be pulled by either dog. I'm at 145 miles for the month of November, my best total yet, but I doubt that I'll be adding much more to it by the end of the month.
Trooper was usually bringing up the rear.
Trooper and Maya

Panorama pic from the trail along the river.

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